For peerless pest control services, choose our well-established gamekeepers. Rentakeeper works vigilantly to control pest populations for scores of appreciative customers.

The Environment Improvers

Founded in 1972, Rentakeeper possesses more than four decades of experience in the wildlife management and conservation industry. Because we only employ fully qualified operators, we take pride in ensuring that every job is carried out to the highest possible standard, at a competitive rate.

Take advantage of the complete pest control services "From Ants to Elephants"

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At Rentakeeper, we endeavour to use ecologically friendly methods when carrying out our pest control services. With unwavering dedication to protecting the environment, our approachable team works diligently and considerately. By monitoring and removing undesirable ecological elements, while preserving those which are preferable, we encourage the appropriate level of biodiversity

Enhancing Your Estate

As part of our sporting management services, we help to improve the quality of sport in many areas. This is achieved through the effective development of trout and coarse fisheries, wild fish farming, leisure parks, woodland zones, and bird watching sites.