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Contact our pest control company today, in North Bucks, Buckinghamshire, to learn more about the recreational shooting services and pest management we deliver.

Learn to Shoot

The Shooting Clinic, our sister company, provides entertaining and engaging shooting lessons. With our help, you’ll learn to shoot clay targets with safely and successfully. Private parties are capably accommodated by our instructors.

Wildlife Management Services

Effectively control the ecology of your grounds with the wildlife management services we provide. Working diligently, we’ll keep pests and vermin to a minimum while encouraging the biodiversity your land needs to thrive.

About Us

The Shooting Clinic, a subsidiary company that offers recreational shooting services. In addition, The Shooting Clinic operates Rentakeeper, a reputable wildlife management servie. Based in North Bucks, Buckinghamshire, we draw upon our vast experience in the wildlife management and game hunting industries to deliver unparalleled services to a wide range of customers. Thanks to our comprehensive insurance, our companies are equipped to offer services that prioritise your experience as a client.