Half a century of experience

For peerless pest control services, choose our well-established gamekeepers. Rentakeeper works vigilantly to control pest populations for scores of appreciative customers.
Founded in 1972, Rentakeeper possesses almost five decades of experience in the wildlife management and conservation industry.
We are based in the heart of the countryside near a small village to the north of Milton Keynes that was mentioned in the Domesday Book, and specialise in all aspects of country life, with clients in all areas of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northants and Oxfordshire.
Because we only employ fully qualified operators, we take pride in ensuring that every job is carried out to the highest possible standard, at a competitive rate. We endeavour to use eco-friendly methods for our pest control and removal services wherever possible, as we are committed to doing everything we can to help protect the environment.
Rentakeeper only employs fully-qualified operators to carry out our 

control and removal work and we pride ourselves on guaranteeing that every job will be carried out to the highest possible standard at a very reasonable cost. That’s the Rentakeeper promise.
So why not take advantage of the complete pest control services “From Ants to Elephants"?
Our sister company The Shooting Clinic has provided shooting lessons at country fairs since it was first established in 1977. Friendly and professional, our instructors will help you to fall in love with this exceptional pastime.
Alongside personable, one-to-one lessons within private venues, our deft instructors also share their expertise to private parties, hen parties, anniversary parties etc.
What’s more, we engage with the corporate shooting market to provide interesting events for a variety of businesses.
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Responsible strategies

At Rentakeeper, we endeavour to use ecologically friendly methods when carrying out our pest control services. With unwavering dedication to protecting the environment, our approachable team works diligently and considerately. By monitoring and removing undesirable ecological elements, while preserving those which are preferable, we encourage the best level of biodiversity.

Highly professional

Rentakeeper is staffed by BASIS registered wildlife managers, who operate under the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Scheme. Utilising their vast experience and knowledge, our gamekeepers take safety seriously. In addition, we possess employer and public liability insurance that covers all our works for expenses up to £10 million. All of this means you should rest easy when you consult our approachable experts.

Enhancing your estate

As part of our sporting management services, we help to improve the quality of sport in many areas. This is achieved through the effective development of trout and coarse fisheries, wild fish farming, selective deer culling, leisure parks, woodland zones, and bird-watching sites. 

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